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Embark on the first steps of a journey with us through the

"One Step at a Time" campaign, a pivotal initiative of the

Play Like Robert Foundation, dedicated to nurturing safer,

more connected communities. Born from unfortunate

circumstances that created a vision to enhance the lives of

our youth, this campaign is the cornerstone of our ambitious

RAL Trail Project. Designed to carve out a secure passage

for the children of Hamilton from the lethal lanes of Golf

Course Rd. to the welcoming gates of Daly Elementary School, the trail is a beacon of safety and freedom for the future of our community. With plans to extend its reach to Highway 93, the trail symbolizes a path toward remembrance, recognition, growth, and unity.

Join us on this new path forward, and together, we will build a legacy of safety, security, activity, and joy for generations to come, one step at a time.

The community match of $300,000 for 1 mile of trail costs $57 per foot.

Expansion Update
A Path for Golf Course Road & Kurtz Lane



The Play Like Robert Foundation in partnership with Ravalli County

was awarded a Transportation Alternatives Grant in the amount of

$1,474,832 for the construction of a pedestrian/commuter path from

the beginning of the RAL Trail on Golf Course Road to Daly School. 

We would not have been successful without your support!  Your

letters and donations made it possible to secure this grant and we

celebrate this success with YOU!  Thank you for your willingness

to TRY with us for Robert.



We now have a path forward and we need your help to complete this project to make Golf Course Road and Kurtz Lane safer for all.  We need to raise a matching amount of $300,000 - it's a big number, but with the outpouring of community support we have had - we are confident we can do this with your help!  We are already part way there with contributions from Robert's Run, Rapp Foundation, Bike Walk Bitterroot, and Weber, Wilcox, Schneiters LLC



  • Donate today

  • Invite friends to donate

  • Host a gathering supporting the trail to learn more


The anticipated date to begin construction of this project is mid-2026.  Stay tuned for ways to get involved and spread the word!


Thank you to the Volunteer Committee led by Dan Harmon and other entities who worked tirelessly to make this grant possible:

  • Phil and Alyce Leonardi 

  • Amy Fox - Bike Walk Bitterroot 

  • Kyle Barber - Bike Walk Bitterroot 

  • Mark Rud 

  • Robin Pruitt 

  • Rapp Foundation

  • Trevor Iman - WGM 

  • Ravalli County Commission

  • Peter Van Tuyn and Ilona Bessenyey 

Preliminary Engineering Plans
A Path for Golf Course Road & Kurtz Lane

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